Indigenous Mapping Collective

Decolonize the map. Indigenize the map.

What is the Indigenous Mapping Collective?

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop and its strategic partners are dedicated to the development and advancement of culturally appropriate and inclusive geospatial technologies for Indigenous communities. Our work focuses on the generation and dissemination of decolonized resources in Geographical Information Sciences and Satellite Remote Sensing, their integration and application, to preserve and promote Indigenous land stewardship practices.

In the past, we hosted workshops to bring together Indigenous mappers to provide hands-on training and learn from experts in the field. However, our world looks very different now.

We welcome you to the Indigenous Mapping Collective—a place for Indigenous mappers to connect, share and learn.

It gave us the push to ensure our resources are even more accessible and provide Indigenous Mappers with a safe network where you can all connect. Our hopes are that you will be able to use this space to pursue geospatial goals that are consistent with Indigenous values. This space will be the site for our online workshops and host all content so you can access it at any time. More importantly - it is a space for you to connect with each other. 

Welcome to your Indigenous Mapping Collective.